The pros and cons of travel with kids ages 6, 10 and 15?

I have tried to get this idea organized into a post but instead I’m wandering down memory lane. Caught up in thoughts of what it was like to travel with one spunky 2.5 year old, the challenges of 9 months in a van with a 4yr old….trips with 2 kids in tow (one of which was a very disagreeable 3-year-old screaming in the streets of Puerto Rico) ….there I go again okay maybe I should stick to a laundry list of the good, the bad and the Ugly (seriously it can get U G L Y!)

Pros/ Cons: age 5/6

Up for anything he’s big enough to do…/ Not big enough to do a lot of want he wants…

Happy to be with the group../ Can need more attention than his brothers want to give

Helps you to slow down and really see things that you would otherwise miss..Great on long hikes through New Zealand/ Not so helpful when your trying to catch your train in Saigon

Lots of laughs../ endless hours of I spy

Pros/Cons :age 9/10

Can really “learn”  about the places we go and people we meet…

Is big enough to do the more adventurous stuff with his dad and big brother…

Is genuinely interested in new people, places and cultures…

Will eat just about anything once…

Honestly can’t think of any cons to travel at this age…

Pros/Cons: age 14/15

Can drive a motorbike! /  Can Drive a motorbike!

Can help with his brothers…/Will pick fights with his brothers for fun…

He will quietly listen to music for hours on a bus,train, plane etc…(so no 10 hour trips of what, where, why, how long)…/When he’s not listening to music he will usually be complaining about something…

Doesn’t need help packing or getting what he needs organized../Won’t do it until the last second…

Biggest con at his age is the constant need to look like he’s not having a good time. That and feeling like he’s missing out on High School with his friends…

I think for Silas continuous travel for a set period of time would be better than slow, growing roots in new places open-ended  kinda travel that fit the other 2 better….

Each and every age has more pros than cons.  It’s family dynamics that bring in the Ugly…sibling rivalry, boredom, over stimulation, sitting next to your brother for hours at a time…

Too much family time is not always a good thing….

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