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Thailand Part 2

Alright here it is Part 2…enjoy!

The next day Philip was ready to burn the rest of his body, so we decide to head out on the “4 island snorkeling tour”. We rode out about forty-five minutes through the bluest greenest sparkling waters I have ever seen. Continue reading

This entry is So Huge, So Exciting, So Side-Splitting, so Page-Turning that I made it into two parts to keep you wanting more!

Okay, okay I really did it for the sake of the few of you that actually READ my blog. I didn’t want to bore you into a coma. It was just too long. So hope I don’t lose any of you; and if you just came for the pictures of your grand kids (you know who you are) make sure you go to the bottom of Part 2 there’s a slide show!!

Continue reading

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