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Fish, Kids and Naughty Dogs…

Here is an old post I wrote last March that I guess I never got around to pushing the “Publish” button for!! View full article »

Scared Silent in Bali

This post is an interview with Arlo Rocket Curry. Age 8 1/2 on  March 12, 2013.

Me: Hi Arlo, how are you?

Arlo: Good.

Me: Should we tell everyone we are doing this interview in silence?

Arlo: No….

Me: hmm, well but we are… so, lets tell everyone why…

Arlo: Because it’s Nyepi….


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Welcome to the world…..

It’s the middle of the night, the moon is almost full. An hour ago I could see it – Round and heavy like a woman’s belly in her last days of pregnancy but now it is slipping to the other side. View full article »

This one goes out to all the Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and cousins that haven’t seen the boys in a while..

Apologizes if you were hoping for something interesting or travelly…  check out some of my favorite bloggers from the blog roll at the bottom right and I know you will find something inspiring….. View full article »

Meet Dr. Ating; resident physician at Green School on the island of Bali. When he’s not patching up skinned knees this mild mannered superhero is saving the world one species at a time through the Dr. Ating Foundation. View full article »

Agro Wisata -Silk Worm Farm

Class 2B took a field trip to Agro Wisata, the local silk worm farm……

We set out from the class around 9am; followed the road down to the river, past the “holy spring” and up into the village of Sibang Kaja.

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Our Little Village

My sweet friend Kate and I took a stroll through our ‘hood snapping some photos and enjoying the day…

Here are a few shots from Desa Canggu and Desa Seseh…… View full article »

Ibu Robin

I love stories of “ordinary” people doing “extraordinary” things.   People who work tirelessly to make the world a better place. They inspire the rest of us to give a little more, try a little harder, complain a little less…..

I recently watched the film Guerrilla Midwife,  a documentary about one such person, and her name is Robin Lim.  View full article »

The Elephant in the Room

One afternoon  Arlo and I head to Ace Hardware in Kuta to buy some silly string and a terrarium planter but what to are wondering eye should appear? No, not a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer…. The “Show” ( as all good roustabouts would call it) had arrived! The circus had come to town. View full article »

LIFE View full article »

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