Class 2B took a field trip to Agro Wisata, the local silk worm farm……

We set out from the class around 9am; followed the road down to the river, past the “holy spring” and up into the village of Sibang Kaja.

When we arrived at Agro Wisata we were greeted by the friendly staff and showed a loooong movie that was completely in Indonesian! The kids were very patient.

After the movie wrapped we strolled past hundreds of mulberry trees. The mulberry leaves are the worm’s primary diet source.  The kids couldn’t resist the juicy berries..

The young worms are kept in a “cooler”, and after 17 days the mature worms are given fresh leaves to feast on…..

After a short time they spin silk from their mouths creating a cocoon…

The cocoon’s of silk are boiled (with the worm inside..)

Then the silk is carefully unraveled…

then spun…..

It takes a lot of work to get from the worm to the fabric store. Now I know why silk is mahal sekali ( very expensive).

When the tour was finished the kids did some beautiful Batiking.

On the walk to and from school each group had to find 15 symmetrical objects…. our group found 22:)

A few photos of the walk…..