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This one goes out to all the Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and cousins that haven’t seen the boys in a while..

Apologizes if you were hoping for something interesting or travelly…  check out some of my favorite bloggers from the blog roll at the bottom right and I know you will find something inspiring….. Continue reading

Our Little Village

My sweet friend Kate and I took a stroll through our ‘hood snapping some photos and enjoying the day…

Here are a few shots from Desa Canggu and Desa Seseh…… Continue reading

123 quiet and still is a great game on long car rides. I was always amazed when a group of kids could be quiet and still for more than two minutes but an island of 2 million for 24 hours….impossible…right? Not if you’re in Bali on the day after the dark moon of the spring equinox. The Hindu new year- Neypi- begins with a day of silence. Continue reading

Photo Friday- Melasti

It’s photo Friday again…I had originally thought I’d post these once a week but it seemed too often so I think once a month is good.

Today’s pictures are from a Melasti ceremony this comes the day before Nyepi (more on that in a future post)

I’m finishing up my Feb. Full Moon walk post. Anyone one want to email me comments on your walk  let me know so I can get them added.

Photo Friday- Brothers

I have a million pictures sitting in my iphotos waiting to be sorted through… inspired me to get going and have a weekly post of one of my favorites.

I love this one. The tenderness and love shining through in this picture warms my heart..good one to look at on those days when you can’t remember why you had kids…


Laying in the dark bunk as the train rattles through the night I am different. I have left a part of myself behind but I have taken something back with me…. Continue reading

My 6 am departure is no competition for Vietnamese early birds. They have been up long before I push the snooze button. When day breaks and streaks of pink and orange color the sky, you can make out little figures emerging from the shadows. The gardeners, ice workers, fisherman, street vendors, school kids and morning walkers. They have already caught their “worm”.  Or maybe,  they’ve  already been “shot” ( I learned this week that there is an execution site nearby, something to consider)… Anyway, for those not getting shot, waking up early is a smart thing to do.The air is cooler, the sun hasn’t come to full height forcing it’s hot rays on us. Continue reading

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