The full moon of March brought us a rare treat- this “perigee” moon was the closest and brightest since 1993.  There is great information and a video about what makes a super moon on the NASA site ( The boys found it very cool):

As we set off for our walk the sky to the west was streaked with deep shades of purple fading into the night sky. As we stood quietly outside of our house I asked “what is the first thing you hear” to the kids.”Motorbike” says Arlo,  “Crickets and the wooden bell on the cow’s neck”  said Zeb.

“Whats the air feel like” I ask Arlo.”Cold” he replies…”hmm, cold. Well okay, you’ve obviously gone native…”(it’s no less than 90 degrees F). “It’s also smokey” says Zeb, ” the rice fields must be burning”.  The recently harvested rice fields are routinely burnt prior to the next planting.

As we walk towards the road we spot a few bats, a swarm of bugs circle the street lamp, and headlights bounce before us.  It’s getting dark,  the streetlights are behind us now and the traffic has slowed. In the growing darkness up ahead we can see a line of Bakso carts being peddled, pushed, and pulled back from the beach by tired vendors heading home.

It’s Silas who notices the glowing orange orb ascending from the rice fields first.. We watch quietly, amazed at the beauty and grace of the rising full moon. Smoke from the burning mounds of rice grass climbs up to meet the stars.  They look like little volcanoes on the verge of erupting…

We walk a little further and stop at an open air Cafe to have a bite of food.  The streets are quiet as we make our way home. We all agree that the moon is extra bright but not sure if it looks that much closer…it did when it was rising but now that it’s hanging in the sky like a picture on a wall we’re not sure….One thing for certain it was a super moon walk!

What did you think of the perigee moon?

Full Moon April 18th: A nice quiet night under the light of the moon.

Philip was in town this month so we all went down to the beach at Temple Perancak.  The sand was scattered with banana leaf  baskets filled with flowers and bits of food,  elaborate bamboo structures and incense sticks still burning prayers to the gods. And of course trash… all remnants of a ceremony held earlier in the evening. Soon they would be washed to sea with the rising tide.

The moon was bright and high….casting light on the crashing surf. A local guy came and sat beside us. He chatted with Philip. Wanting to practice his english and giving Philip a chance to practice his Indo. Arlo drifted off to sleep, Zeb dug a hole and I sat back and listened to the waves.

How are your walks going? Has it become part of each month?

Next moon May 17th

May 17th

We had a lovely full moon spent walking on the beach after dinner. A gang of boys and few grown ups, some stray dogs, foamy waves and a bright clear sky!

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