February Full Moon

This month we did two rides under the full moon. The first one had us zipping up the road chasing clouds hoping to get a peek. A shriek of excitement escaped Arlo’s lips as the clouds parted…“oh there it is.” ” I see the rabbit!!!” (deep breath)  “Is that because this is the year of the rabbit?”  “Will there be a monkey on it when it’s year of the monkey??”  “What about a dragon.. that would be so cool. I have to tell Zeb!”  (exhale)  I’m pretty sure there was another deep breath followed by more questions but his voice began to fade, lost in the hum of the night. I think he was talking more to himself and the moon now….
With the moonlight leading the way we cruised down the back alleys before returning home. “It’s following us” sung Arlo.
Under the covers that night the soft glow of the moon filled our room.  Arlo and I talked about – the feel of the air ( a hot and sticky kind of night), the sights (thin wispy clouds, shadows, people), sounds (horns, chatter) and smells (saté, garbage, incense). We talked about the rabbit vs the man on the moon concept and when the next year of the monkey will be. He is pretty sure there will be a monkey face looking down on us in the year 2016!

Zeb was at a sleep over that night and missed out on the ride so we decided to do another one the next night.

We rode the motor bikes down to Echo beach and had a nice dinner with friends while we waited for the moon to rise. As the stars began to dot the darkening sky we rode off toward the rice fields. There was a faint cling cling  clinging and a tinkle, tinkle tinkling floating in the air. We followed the soft music, finding a group of boys practicing the gamelan under the street lights by the school. As the music faded we made our way slowly up and over the hills near our house. There were a dozen or more bats swooping down around us enjoying their nightly feast of mossies! We didn’t get a glimpse of the moon but it was in our thoughts and we had a wonderful dinner and a magical ride.

You can check out the sounds of the gamelan here: gamelan

The next full moon is March 19th. Hope you’re keeping your full moon journals and enjoying your nighttime adventures. Email me stories about your monthly walks I would l love to read them!