On my last post I told you all of the full moons walks we took on the farm back home in NC.  Many of you were excited to join us on our walks this year journaling our experiences over the 12 moons of 2011. Here are some of yours and mine….

Moonlit Adventures #1 January 2011- Wolf Moon

Vanessa Lynch, Alabama USA:

The children 2 & 4, were so excited to hear we would be taking a moonlight walk.  Before dinner we stepped onto the front porch to see the moon early in the evening, low and very large.  After dinner, we packed up and left for our adventure.  Right away they noticed it had moved higher in the sky, which sparked their curiosity.  They had so many questions about planets, stars…the earth.  Even my daughter Isabella, 4 asked if she might travel to the moon someday.
As we approached the top of the ridge, just above a section of whitewater, we heard the howling and barking of a pack of coyotes!  It sounded as if they were close, but probably on the other side of the river.  I felt cold little hands reach for mine, but they kept going.  We sat and listened to the roar of the river.  Talked about the sights and sounds…they way the moon shone as bright as a street light and how the spanish moss hanging from the hundred year old live oaks looked like dresses at a party…or hair!
My little boy did get a bit scared and asked for Mommy to hold him, which of course I was happy to do.  All through the night, i kept thinking how full the moment was.  How simple to walk through the door and have this incredible adventure.  It could’ve been any ordinary night, but thanks to that big bright moon and the wonder of preschoolers, it was magical.
Vanessa Lynch

Nedra Willson: Black Mountain, NC

Took a walk last night to see the moon. The clouds were low and the air was thick. Our feet became heavier the more mud we picked up on our boots. The moon hid behind the clouds. We all enjoyed the walk especially the dogs. We heard a train whistle for the 1st time. Later the wind whipped up and the moon made a spectacular visit to the valley. Can’t wait until next month.

The Curry’s: Canggu, Bali

I wish I could say that our full moon walk was a happy, shiny, magical family moment…..

But, as with many of our happiest memories there are speed bumps, road kill and landslides along the way…. The best birthday parties, or summer afternoons, thanksgiving dinners and vacations are never “perfect” from start to finish… there is almost always a tantrum, a melt down, or a screaming fit from one or all of us at some point. Maybe that’s what makes the “good times” so much better? The moments that shine through, locked in our memories are sweeter somehow because in our day-to-day lives things can be long, hard, and down right difficult? In our house to find all three boys “getting along” and Philip and I not pull our hair out dealing with them is like finding a pearl in your Oyster soup…RARE (especially for me because I don’t eat Oysters) That doesn’t stop us from trying. Somedays though my “trying” means “trying not to runaway in the night!”

This moon walk was one of those times… and I had put it off until the last day of the full moon, Everyone had homework. Zeb was shooting popcorn kernels all over the house with his homemade “PVC pipe balloon gun”.  Arlo was hungry, Philip was in Vietnam, Silas was well….15 (that is my general explanation to all of his behavior), which means he was annoying his brothers or “schooling” me on music or cooking, or maybe politics because of course he knows so much more than the rest of us! I had a headache and it was raining…..blah blah blah…all of you know what I’m taking about.  I was committed to doing this so we decided to walk on the beach with the dog.  The beach is only 2K from the house but I thought we should drive down to save time. Which lead to…

Round One: “Shot gun!”

And the winner is Silas (no surprise there) and now he has the perfect vantage point to “tell” me how to drive, which beach I should go to, “watch out for that kitten”  and where I should park.

Ding Ding Round two: “I want to hold the flashlight.” Who really cares! Why do all three want the flashlight??  That round went to Zeb all though for a few minutes I thought Arlo was making a come back.

Round Three: “Shut Up!  We are supposed to be having a peaceful quiet experience observing nature so shut up and be peaceful( I see the obvious contradiction here)!!! Surprisingly, that round went to me. In general my yelling gets me no where but hoarse.

They all sat next to me and watched the white foam roll in and out on the dark sand. The sound of the waves grew louder as the boys quieted down. After a few minutes Zeb pointed out a bat, we watch a couple of fisherman casting a net into the water, some red and yellow fireworks lit up the sky somewhere in the distance, the boys chased crabs with the dog.  The rain stopped, the moon was still hidden behind the clouds but, the air was pleasant with a bit of a breeze.

On the way home Silas suggested where to walk next full moon, Zeb thanked me for taking them out and Arlo just yawned a happy sleepy content little yawn.

Not all bad.  A few bumps…out of a 45 minute walk there was a good 20 mins…ahhh the joys of parenting… maybe next month there will be 25…one can only hope….See you next full moon!

Joanna, Jamie and little Walker. Asheville, NC

The three of us went outside, bundled up cuz it is cold!!!  Walker was very excited to look at them moon.  The clouds were racing across the sky coming over the mountain range behind us, so fast we thought the moon would quickly be covered.  But, as the clouds approached the moon, they dissipated, leaving her naked and glowing!  we watched for about 5 minutes, til it was time to go in and get warm.  Walker keeps asking to go outside and look at the moon, even if it is daylight!

Joy Kennedy and Henry:

Henry and I found the first full moon of 2011 on our drive home from visiting family in Lakeland Florida.  The moon appeared somewhere between Jacksonville, Florida and the Georgia border, appearing low in the sky in a deep orange, red hue, following us all the way home in different shades and effects.  The moon in the sky became a fun distraction for my car-seat bound two and a half-year old boy.  I was thrilled to be driving home under the light of the full moon.
Ever since moving to 1457 Sand Branch Road the moon seems to be following me, making me feel a little like Harold in Harold and the Purple Crayon.  I have never noticed the moon so much in all my life.  Or noticed it’s affects the way I do after living in the mountains for a little over a year.  I love the way the trees on this land glimmer from the light of the moon, the way the leaves reflect such intense silver light.  During the early, early hours of the morning I can follow the path of the moon from my bed, its bright light causing my sleep to be lighter than usual, I find myself waking occasionally and looking for it through my lovely windowed bedroom.
I am so excited about this idea of hiking under the light of the full moon and then journaling about the experiences, especially doing it as a group.  I look forward to reading about everyone’s experiences.  And I love continuing the hikes that the Curry’s took on their land with our family.  We will try and hear your (Curry’s) distant memories guiding us along the trails while sharing the light of the full moon.
Joy Kennedy
p.s. I will take pictures next full moon – maybe do some photo-journaling as well!

Thank you Joanna, Joy, Vanessa and Nedra for sharing your lovely evenings. Please continue to share your experiences and I hope more of you will join in.

Next full moon is Feb. 18th!