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Moonlit Adventures January 2011

On my last post I told you all of the full moons walks we took on the farm back home in NC.  Many of you were excited to join us on our walks this year journaling our experiences over the 12 moons of 2011. Here are some of yours and mine…. Continue reading

Photo Friday- Brothers

I have a million pictures sitting in my iphotos waiting to be sorted through… inspired me to get going and have a weekly post of one of my favorites.

I love this one. The tenderness and love shining through in this picture warms my heart..good one to look at on those days when you can’t remember why you had kids…


Purnama (Full Moon)

The winter Silas was about 8 or 9 (I think) and Zeb around 4, I came across a book called When The Moon is Full by Frances Hamerstrom. In the book Frances describes full moon walks with her kids over the course of a year. What a beautiful way to spend time together discovering the night I thought. The awe and mystery that the nighttime held for her children was contagious. We decided to keep a similar journal of the 13 full moons that would grace our skies that year. The boys were thrilled with idea of a special walk each month, staying up late and exploring the mysterious nighttime. Continue reading
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