Little Hands, Big Imagination……..

The big boys were out for another day of surfing but, Arlo and I decided to hang back at home.

“What would you like to do today” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking of a lot of things” said Arlo “so you might want to write this down”

1)Make a king hat and outfit. Then play that I’m the king and you have to do what I say but, I will be nice.
2)Make a bow and arrow or a sword then have a sword fight or make a target to practice with the bow and arrow.
3)play ball in the pool. You have to get in.
4)make cookies
5)eat lunch pretending that I’m the king and your serving me..we’ll probably need a red carpet…
6)draw with sidewalk chalk
7) Play robin hood you can be Little John or the bad king
8)plant some seeds -pumpkins
9)play Uno- 3 times
10) ride my bike
11) read the Christmas book from the library

So that is just what we did from the first to the last we checked off everyone of them.