As we board the plane it sets in we are really going… going far…far way.. from everything we know…Yikes, panic, maybe we shouldn’t…- push from behind( Zeb)- “Mom keep walking your backing up the line” “ya, but maybe we should rethink this for a minute”… (Silas)- “Mom your embarrassing us get on the plane!” Okay okay deep breath, I can do this. Arlo- “mom, do you want to hold my hand?” Now were on things are fine except for the fist fight between Si and Zeb over the window seat. Zeb won…for the moment…Silas gave in when he realized he has access to all the movies and TV he wants for the next 13 hours now the window seems pointless….. The boys “fly” through the 13 hours with out a complaint I was blown away with how well they did. Really I was the only one who had a hard time….We land in Seoul. After a short lay over boarded a 5 hour flight to our new home. I watched Philip and the boys sleep through this flight. We land and are immediately immersed in the hot, still air…. So happy to have Minh meet us at the airport with our driver( still sounds ridicules to say our driver) Hop in the car and hit the streets it’s midnight but everything is alive with sounds, smells, lights, motorbikes, taxis’, horns, all happily and some how harmoniously creating the chaos of Saigon…….